New Bridge Update for Pooley Bridge

Works completed September – November 2019

  • Temporary footbridge lifted into place and road bridge removed
  • Installation of sheet pilling on both sides of the river completed.
  • Bracing inside the sheet piles has been installed.
  • Excavation to the formation level on both sides completed.
  • Construction of east side foundation has commenced with first pours of concrete and steel reinforcement placed.
  • Steel fabrication progressing well off-site
  • Pooley Bridge Project Hub has opened in the Ullswater Steamer Tourist Information and Gift Shop

Works planned for November 2019 – January 2020

  • Works will continue to construct the East abutment with the base and walls being constructed in a number of phases, time has to be allowed for the concrete to strengthen at certain points during this process.
  • Further site investigation will be completed on the west abutment and works to construct this should start.
  • Preparation for the delivery of steel to the Dunmallard car park will be completed, with temporary bracing being installed on foundations.
  • The first sections of steel should be delivered to site and fabrication on the bridge sections will continue in Pooley.
  • The bridge bearings will be delivered to site

Construction timeline:

November 2019 – Spring 2020

Permanent bridge, abutment works, bridge construction and installation

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